Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

A few days ago (December 30th, to be exact) I decided that I was tired of using wordpress. I needed a change. I needed something that would allow flash. I needed something that would help track my followers. I needed something that would hopefully raise my stats. I needed to make the switch. I realize all of that sounded kind of corny, but oh well! :P

I still have lots of progress to make with my blog change, but hopefully this blog can be bigger and better than my previous one. Now with the switch, I had to make a name change. I still wanted to keep something similar to Tower of Books, so now I am Up the Tower of Books. I realize that's kind of long, and in the future I'll probably shorten it to either Tower of Books (again) or Up the Tower. For now, I want to be known as the full name, so hopefully my URL will be easier to remember. :)