Friday, January 8, 2010

Violet and Claire - Francesca Lia Block

Violet dreams of writing and directing films one day. Then, she meets Claire, a fantastical girl who wears a Tinker Bell t-shirt and tapes fairy wings to her back. Claire loves writing poetry. Together, Violet and Claire decide to make a film that will show the audience the magical world that they believe in can exist. However, when Violet finds fame through a shocking way with the help of a mentor and Claire begins a relationship with a poetry instructor, the girls are driven away from each other. Will the power of love be strong enough to bring Violet and Claire together again?

Because this was the first book I have read by Francesca Lia Block, I had no idea what to expect. I found myself enthralled in a story that takes place in an enchanted world of its own. As I later learned, Block is known for her use of magical realism, which she certainly excels at. I particularly liked the magical realism in Violet and Claire because it gave the novel a fitting movie-like feel. Block's ability to make the readers question certain events, without making them frustrated, was also good. Throughout the novel, I was not sure the exact details of things, but for once, I was not actually annoyed by this. In fact I kind of liked it. This will also make readers want to reread the novel.

Unfortunately, Violet and Claire had some flaws that can not be forgotten. Towards the end, the novel felt rushed. At only ~176 pages, this really hurt the novel. However, the ending was not just rushed, it was unsatisfying. I felt that Block had the potential to make the book a lot better than it was, but for whatever reason, the potential never came out. Of course, I could be wrong because I have never read her other novels, but seeing as she's been around for years, I'm sure she can do better.

Violet and Claire
is a decent choice if you are looking an unique novel.

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