Monday, February 15, 2010

My History with Twilight

I have a confession to make: I am really behind the whole Twilight craze. When I first heard about Twilight, it did not seem like something I wanted to read. I have always been more of a fan realistic YA fiction, so a book about a girl that falls in love with a vampire seemed blaaah. Then the Twilight craze erupted, and after the first movie, I figured I should give the series a shot. Being a girl that likes reading but has not read the Twilight series was getting old. Also, I knew I would not watch the movies until I read the books. I became a Robert Pattinson fan after seeing The Goblet of Fire, so trust me, I wanted to see it. Anyway, last summer, I read Twilight. Overall, the book was okay. I felt that a majority of the novel was boring and dragged, but I could see some of the appeal.

In January, I decided to read New Moon. All the Jacob fans were getting to me. Overall, I enjoyed New Moon a lot more than I liked Twilight, mainly because the second book had more action. Jacob was my favorite part of the novel, and needless to say, I am a Jacob fan, even though Robert Pattinson > Taylor Lautner.

I have no idea when I will read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn, but I do intend to finish the series. Still, I doubt I will ever be a Twilight fanatic. The romance just is not for me, and besides I love Harry Potter too much.

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