Thursday, August 5, 2010


I feel like my readers (you!) don't really have a good idea of who I am, which is mostly my fault. As I prepare for my major comeback (of sorts), I thought I would give you opportunities to get to know me! I plan on having a week where I put up information about me, my blog, and book reviews. Oh and also CONTESTS. :D BUT first, today, I want you to ask me all the questions you have for me. You can use the form below, e-mail me, or comment. I'll answer all of them in a post on "The Week," as long as they are appropriate. I don't know when the actual week will be, but I'm leaning towards Aug. 23-30. I think that will be the soonest I will be able to.

Oh, and asking my questions MAY get you bonus entries on a future giveaway. *hint* *hint*

Ask away!

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