Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunger Games Thoughts

This is a spoiler-free zone for ALL the Hunger Games novels. Please be considerate.

As you may know, the final book of The Hunger Games trilogy was released today. For many, it was a much anticipated event and are probably reading the book as we speak. Others, however, are not quite sure what the hype's about. Today, I wanted to know how did you learn about The Hunger Games series. If you have not read it, why not? I know many are skeptical the novels will live up to the hype, but are there more reasons? I would really like to know. :)

I'll also share my story. I discovered The Hunger Games from teenreads.com. The site had a promotion where the first (I forget the number) got an ARC of The Hunger Games. Once he or she reviewed it, each person would receive a signed hardcover of the novel! Truthfully at first, I was skeptical. I received the ARC, and it was pitched as "a book that will change your life." This was before the book was even released, so I think my thoughts were only natural. However, then, I read the book and loved it! I sent my review, and for weeks I didn't receive a hardcover. I was not upset, I mean I got an ARC of the novel, what more could I ask for? But then the novel came in the mail, and to this day, it is one of my most prized books.

So share your thoughts on the trilogy! :D

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  1. I have not read them - YET
    First reason is because of the hype.
    Secondly I am not a HUGE fan of dystopian
    Third I really wanted to wait till they were all out and read them together, since I heard they had such cliff hanger endings...

    Mostly though, I think it's all about just not caring enough to push to make time to just do it, I have the first 2, and the synopsis' sound ok, but I dont crave them, if that makes sense...

    I do hope to read them, at some point - but i am in no real hurry.